Another year passed by

Daniel the gardener

Exactly a year ago I have written my last post on my blog here.
I am not sure if I sm supposed to be ashamed but I have many excuses as to why I was not available more.
Recently, I have experimented quite extensively with making this place more alive and realized that one of the reasons I am not posting regularly is that apparently I want to chew more then I can swallow.
What I mean by this is the fear of leaving some part of my activity out.
There are the course of creative, visual thinking trough the art of drawing and painting. This course is supposed to be delivered by video classes that require working out the specific curriculum and the adjust it to the attention span of some 20 minutes per module.
There are the portrait commissions that I would like to build a page for.
I want to have a web shop where I can sell my art in general and my cafe sketches in particular.
Creative visual thinking trough art has a particular niche for non artistic audience like business people, medical practitioners, teachers, academic researchers and everyone who has any interest in developing and expanding their creative skills.
these are some of the ideas that I am currently working on but Since I am working on them in a circular manner, non of those are yet fully ready for exposure.
Still, beginning this year, I will try to concentrate on one idea at the time and hopefully it will yield better results then before.
So, these are some of my excuses, aside from plain laziness and desire to just play around experimenting with a newly discovered interest in gardening and off grid living.
Thanks for visiting and you are welcome to leave a comment if you feel like it.

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