Human fragility

Sketching as I do in cafes around the World I mostly observe people in their lightly exited, animated state, expressing themselves verbally, smiling, typing on their laptops and talking to friends on smartphones. There is usually  small movements involved but not too much as to disrupt the process of sketching. This of course allows me to catch their shape before they go about their business and disappear from my view frame .

Unfortunately life is not all about cafes and free form visual association trough sketching.

There is also pain and discomfort as in case of this man above waiting for a checkup in cardiovascular department of Semmelweis University Hospital. 

I am spending some time here trying to figure out what is the nature of a weakness that follows me since few days .

Meanwhile I am finding some  nice and willing models like Ildiko  who was kind enough to pose for me.

After Ildiko I got quite a few portrait requests from the stuff so now the question is how long am I staying to be able to comply with all the demand .

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