Puncturing a hole in the matrix

angels among us


Once in a while I find myself in a hospital.
A combination of bad genes, my natural laziness preventing me from exercising regularly , age, a pseudo bohemian lifestyle, all together and each separately, bring my bodily systems to such a condition that requires medical intervention.
Right now I am in Semmelweis University Hospital in Budapest awaiting gastroscopy.
I have few days to balance and prepare myself and meanwhile using the time to observe and sketch with pen and ink. It is my favourite technique for quick impression of a passing moment.It is also a very good exercise for the eye/hand coordination that captures a gesture concentrating on the essentials , leaving out the superfolous details.
Sometimes, this attitude of nonchalant quick doodling allows a glimpse into those fine extraordinary details that reveal some extraordinary connections between the outer form and it’s magical content.
Hospitals, are a meeting ground between heaven and hell, alternating frequently one with the other. Angels in form of nurses and doctors attending to suffering of the patients with different degrees of dedication, creating opportunities to puncture a hole in the matrix , revealing the tenderness of human fragility and at the same time the enduring the majestic beauty of it’s spirit.

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