Spring in Budapest

Waiting for the date or spring time in Budapest


Spring has finally arrived.The leaves have sprouted and almost immediately bloomed into the fresh yellowish green and together with garden flowers, the city has become vibrant and full of life.
At last I can sit outdoors and get a better view of the magnificent buildings facade some dating hundreds of years back in time.
Here is a man supposedly waiting for his date with a glass of red wine. But in reality it is an improvisation on something I have started yesterday and red wine belongs to someone else who sat at the completely different table.
The guy who is in the painting arrived about an hour ago and drank a pint of beer.Since yesterday he was with a lady who seemed to be his partner by the way she was kissing him I assumed that he is waiting for her.
This part of the creative process where I can add and invent stories that are suggested either visually or by the context
is something I enjoy tremendously. Sometimes there are all kinds of happy evidence and other times I can actually glimpse into dome kind of hidden aspect of reality that is totally intuitive.
A good example of this is the quick pen and ink sketch I did while being hospitalised few days ago.

angels among us

There was an old guy who was attended by the nurse, and the dynamics of their interaction was very touching and moving. I finished the gesture drawing quickly and only few hors later decided to add wings to the nurse.
Next day the old guy has died. I was quite shocked cause he didn’t seem to be in such a dire condition.
What is amazing is how the intuition knows the future even if totally subconsciously.

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