Using GoPro camera to record myself sketching

sketching withflamencorhythm from josef on Vimeo.


I was one of the many disappointed geeks that were waiting for the Google Glass to appear on the market but apparently Google screwed up the whole concept and the criticism the product has received has killed the idea or so it seems. I still hope that in the future, some adjustment will be made to get this idea into reality, since I believe it is a product who’s time has come.
Meanwhile I have decided to use something that was really designed for extreme sports but I believe it has also a potential for being used as a tool for visual artists and teachers who want to show the process of their work.
I am talking about the GoPro camera that has conquered the world of the extreme sports and started to expand into other areas like performances of all kinds.
For some reason, it seems that the visual artists are a bit  slow to adopt the use of the latest technology for enhancement of their presentation.
Here is a video of myself sketching with a pen and ink in one of the many Budapest lovely cafes.
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