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Hi everybody.
Many times in the past I wanted to get of the social media.
I even did it once before but came back after a short while, when I realised that I need the possibility to communicate with my friends and family.

After relocating and getting away from my familiar places and people in my life, social media especially Facebook, remained the only way to communicate with all of you whom I call my friends.

After a year of even greater isolation due to this pandemic we are still in, I am realizing that all those reasons that have initially prompted me to leave are not only still valid but actually became even more relevant then ever.

So this dilemma of the growing need to leave social media but remain in touch with all of you is still a real problem so I am going to try to do it in a more gradual way by building my internet presence trough my own site and personal blog where we can still meet and communicate with each other.
There is a tremendous amount of information cicrulating these days as to the many reasons why the social media has stopped being the solution for mediating between people , so there is no need for me to go into details about it.
The big hope that came with the advent of the age on the Internet has all but vanished and instead it has become yet one more place where the grip and control of the big corporations ,governments and dictatorial conglomerates are using us the people who provide them with all the content.
A documentary film like The Social Dilemma
is a good place to start looking for the answers as to why what was supposed to be a great and revolutionary tool for connecting people across the globe has become a tool for enslaving us all in the name of the brutal capitalism that cares for nothing but money.
The solution for this problem of desire to stay connected but not wanting to be used by the callous and greedy corporations is simple.
Let’s create a reality where we can communicate with each other trough a platforms that do not use and abuse our contributions and actually designed in such a way that can create a possibility of being rewarded for the diverse contributions to the common good.
Today with the rising efficiency of the cryptocurrency we could even create our own cooperatives of creative people generating revenue not based on a model of exploitation but rather a distributional model that gives back to each of us according to a level of cooperation within the community.
There are many models of cooperatives that work quite well in the offline world but so far nothing of the scale and efficiency of the existing social media outlets.
Imagine Facebook, Google and YouTube that run by the contributors and make revenue not by sharing our data to other exploiting companies who want to sell us stuff with well targeted advertising but rather having a share in Bitcoin or any other crypto currency and is run with a secure blockchain technology that is decentralised, truly democratic and cannot be manipulated by a third party from outside.
The current world wide pandemic has exposed most of the governments as not only incapable of adjusting to the level of the solutions that are needed to make informed and sane decisions on a global scale but also how subservient they are all to the big money that doesn’t care neither for the just representation of all people nor for the urgent need to heal our planet.
The great revolution of the Internet gave for the first time in human history a chance for bypassing intermediaries and allow for direct communication between people on all levels.
What was missing right from the very start were the necessary tools to stop the taking over off the common space by the big conglomerate’s greed for endless expansion.
Today,as this endless desire to dominate and rule the boundless digital space of the Internet stands revealed in all it’s brutal nakedness, we have finally have come to a place where real choice is possible.
A choice to stop this madness and create a more just and saner peer to peer infrastructure that has the ability to overpass the rule of the big conglomerates.
The knowledge of how to do it already exists.
What is needed is the desire and the determination to implement the rules for a better and a more just self governance.
To get away from the dominance of all those exploitative intermediaries is a huge task but I believe that we can arleady start moving in that direction right now, each with our own limited resources.
When combined those limited resources can easily multiply and grow into an unstoppable force that can bring the necessary change.
Let’s do it.

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