Good form doesn’t show

It seems like my subconsciousness  is busy I lately with relationship between form and essence and this morning I woke up with this message;

“Good art is the relationship between the exact amount of information and details that are relevant in a given form. Too much or too little make the form incomprehensible.
This is also the essence of good design.
According to Rudolph Arnheim ” good form doesn’t show” . One of the examples he has given is when a woman wears too much perfume it acts contrary to the idea of enhancing the essence of the personality . My own example is the superb design of iPhone where the feeling is that it felt totally natural as if it has always been like this. Touch screen felt totally right from the very beginning as if was obvious that this is how mobile phones should have always supposed to be designed. Many great ideas when they first appear have this feeling about them as if they always existed and always been around. Great art has the same pleasant feeling of the balance between content and form in which the constructed image gives the impression it has always existed. Think of the Last Supper

Last supper by Leonardo de Vinci
Last supper by Leonardo de Vinci

or the Night Watch.

Night watch by Rembrandt
Night watch by Rembrandt


Much of the greatness of these images connected to the fact that their design feels completely ” natural ” going to the essence of the message without attracting much attention to their construction and the overall design.
This is why Art is so important especially at this time. It gives a sense of meaningful order in the world of information overload.


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