Life is a miracle

Life is a miracle.
I have no doubt about it. With a lot of pain, no doubt about it too. But it seems that it is precisely in the greatest of pains, we get the most valuable lessons from life.
Four years ago, in the early morning of Pentecost I woke my wife and asked her to take me to hospital fearing my short breath was connected to my heart condition.
Halfway to the hospital I started to feel a bit better and doubts crept in about wanting to get yet another angioplasty procedure. I had few of them in the past and even though they helped to ease the congestion, the problem remained.
There was an open McDonald so we stopped for a coffee. My short breath disappeared so I decided not to proceed to the hospital knowing full well the risks involved.
We bought a burger for early breakfast and went to greet the sunset in a beautiful place near home. We watched the sun rise over the Pillis mountains, ate the burger with the coffee and my heart was healed.
Since then I can do Some pretty arduous work , claim steep mountains and do all kinds of things that previously I could only dream about.
Heart is much more than a pump and Love is a better remedy than angioplasty.
Since that miracle we celebrate Pentecost with a special reverence .

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