Playing an angel of mercy

I wake up almost routinely around three am to go to toilet.
Half asleep I sit women’s style and try to sort the bizarre imagery of my dreams.
Beyond the imagery I see I tiny ash butterfly flapping its delicate wings in our cats water jar in a desperate attempt to lift itself out from the certain drowning.
Totally detached I watch the dance of death and try to be stoic about it.
That’s part of life, I say to myself half asleep…the cruel dance of survival. is it not what living is all about? The cruel justice of Natures laws. Do not interfere ,says Lord Shiva the Great Destroyer.
I dip my index finger below the butterfly and pull it out of its desperate flapping. Fuck Shiva.
I put a dry toilet paper gently to soak the water from her gentle wings.
Saving an ash butterfly from certain drowning at three o’clock in the morning.
I take of the toilet paper and she jumps a bit trying to fly.
For now it’s only awkward jumps.
Moncy our cat comes in and nibbles at some dry food she has in the other plate.
She sees the jumping ash butterfly and tries to play with her pushing her paws.
For her it’s a game . If it moves let’s play and see if it’s edible.
I push Moncy out of the toilet and watch few minutes to see if the ash will move.
She moved and seems on the way to recovery from her drowning experience.
At three o’clock in the morning I played an angel of mercy and saved a drowning ash butterfly.
The rest of the night a dreamt about ash butterflies flapping joyfully their delicate wings in the sun happy to be alive.
I woke up at seven o’clock with a simple message .
You can let life drown by looking indifferently at it’s desperate flapping of wings pretending it’s not your duty to interfere or lift a finger to pull it out from its certain fate.
Simple message at three o’clock in the morning .

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