Observations- sketching in Maimano cafe

maimano from josef on Vimeo.


Sketching in cafes is my passion of many years. It provides me with an excellent opportunity for

men-watching as well as a daily exercise in observation and improving my technique of water

color painting.

Upon arriving to Budapest few years ago, I have explored many wonderful cafes with really nice

atmosphere, beautiful and impressive architecture and interesting history dating to pre WW2

time. Places full of history when artists, intellectuals and prominent people of the time were

gathering regularly, dreaming, arguing and discussing the events of the day.

Sadly, many of those places have lost their old charm and became tourists traps devoid of the

soul of those days when the magic was still in the air.

This is why I feel especially lucky to have discovered MaiMano café, a small unassuming place in

the middle of Budapest that in spite of being relatively new, has all the characteristics of those

old establishments where interesting and creative people of all disciplines are still gathering

and share their visions and dreams in a very casual atmosphere provided by the friendly owners

and stuff who are real friends and not just service providers, which is always exceptional,

heartfelt and punctual.

The regulars of MaiMano café are a wonderful bunch from all walks of life, of different ages,

with an impressive backgrounds and interesting creative occupations that makes the

interaction an uplifting experience.

In this small display of selected watercolors in this show, I am trying to catch both, the casual

atmosphere of the place as well as some of the gestures of the people who are part of

MaiMano’s café daily routine.

I hope you will enjoy looking at my work at least as much I enjoyed creating it.

Thank you


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