Amazing Grace


Sometimes, as I gaze into the space around me I can see the infinite correlations between the different objects floating in that space with all their trajectories, connecting the invisible  lines  going back in time, revealing the history of those objects, transforming them into events that created the present, extending into the future with all the karmic implications.

This delicate balance between objects, events and patterns, creates the cobweb we call the NOW, pulsating with life in suspended animation allowing us to see how we created those connections with our thoughts, feelings and actions.

It shows us the inescapable truth of us being the creators of our own destiny without any judgement , making apparent how every move we make in either direction will always create the ripples in the pond of life, generating the future waves that we can either learn to ride or let them roll over us until we learn to surf.

It’s four in the morning , three days after my sixty fifth birthday and there is a painful lucidity to this vision right now in my life as the ripples I made long time ago came back as crushing waves , sweeping over me in this very moment of the Blessed Now, leaving me the decision to reject it or gracefully accept it as a birthday present.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I humbly accept in Gratitude.

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