A return to Nature

Sleeping beauty

A year has passed since my last post. It is not that I didn’t have what to say. Some of what I had to say or show about my art I did on my Facebook page. Other part is the need just to experience life without the need to project outward for everyone to see. There is something trying and even a bit superficial for an artist to communicate all the time with audience and it is very beneficial, I find to hold back from time to time and concentrate inside.

Also in the past year there was some very intense period with moving outside from the city into the country with all that this entails.

It was always my dream to be connected more to Nature and leave behind the patterns of pseudo bohemian lifestyle with the cafe as the main focus of the artistic endeavor. Part of me longs for a simple life in Nature with more of a daoistic outlook looking for deeper connection to the spirituality of Earth .

There is still much adjusting to do until the new balance will be found in which Mother Nature has a much more prominent role to play both in my life and in my art.

The weather is still relatively cold but come spring I hope to start painting outdoors and get connected to the rhythms of the landscape.

Here is a photo of our new place that was chosen because of its inspiring view.

Sleeping beauty
Sleeping beauty


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