Today, with the advent of the online interaction between people an unprecedented opportunity arises to explore the possibility of reaching out to a much wider audience then it is possible in a private studio or even in an Art College classroom.

As the tools of distant learning and teaching becoming more evolved and advanced, with constant rise of broadband delivery of vast amount of information trough multimedia presentations, the idea of having a private teacher not limited to your own geographical area is becoming more and more tangible. As a result, for the first time in human history it is becoming plausible to teach in a private space of the teacher’s studio but to a much wider audience that is allowed by the limitations of the physical space.

And this is exactly what I intend to do in this virtual studio, which is also very tangible and real.

The painting course I have developed over the years, which is called “The Sound of Form “is a two years course, that combines the fundamentals of the Art of Painting and Drawing with Creative Visual Thinking with the purpose to allow every student to master the many and various techniques of Drawing and Painting and at the same time to develop the artistic creativity based on the fivefold process of the Creative Cycle.