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the beating heart of stone


We woke up on a grey day with a feeling of slight depression.

After breakfast, we decided to go visit this great place called the Dobogoko. 

It is Hungarian for a pulsating rock.

Rumors say it is the sacred Rock of a pulsating heart Chakra of the World.

As we approached the place the dreary gloom of the lower fields turned into glorious rays of the Sun.
This has an immediate effect of uplifting our spirits.
Apparently, we were not the only ones to feel the need to uplift our mood as the crowd was quite significant. Still, we found a surprisingly nice quiet place called Bohem.
A cafe,/restaurant that the crowd hasn’t yet invaded.
I decided to pull out my painting gear from the car that was luckily left there from my previous painting excursion.

Judit got inspired as well to write a nice piece of her thoughts .here it is with google translate.

Tomorrow will be better
that’s what I keep telling myself
in the days of grub
It is not possible:
“… just appreciate yourself”
There is always even worse…
Got to believe in the good
That the world doesn’t drown in entropy
Although it pulls in, it wants to be swallowed by prehistoric chaos
The trustful one who is researching the Collapse
To whom I listen and believe his every word
You must, since death is not averted by denying what s to pass
So that trash of an entropy
The pre-creation world before creation.
demanding its compensation
God has pulled the World out of Her
Anxiously rooting for her,
hope She did a good job

working at the dobogoko

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