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The Sound of the Form

Welcome to my special course in creative visual thinking

The meaning of the Sound of the Form

There are many forms of Sound.
The many sounds of Nature, all kind of Music, the bustle of a busy city, the ambient sound of a cafe, the murmur of a baby , etc.
The Sound of the Form is different in that it is a silent sound that we can feel with our eyes as we contemplate in a certain way. The visual Arts teach us how to observe the world inside us and outside in the World in such a way that allows to discover the wonders and the miracles of what we see.

It is a very subtle sound that we can hear when listening to the rhythm of the many forms that surround us in our everyday life.

The Sound of the Form is best revealed when we engage in drawing, painting and sculpting.
This special course was built upon many years of teaching experience,

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Introduction to the Sound of Form

A natural way for enhancing your creative skills through the art of drawing and painting

Combining the analytical approach to study of Form, with insights into the value of the personal and more subjective intuitive approach that restores the much needed sense of awe and inspiration.

In recent years there is a constant rising of the general awareness of the necessity to abandon the old notion that creativity reserved only to the specially gifted few and much information is accumulating with various approaches to enhance the general capacity to be more creative.

Personally I believe that creativity is a natural gift we all possess and it is part of what means to be a human.

Sadly, we live in a culture that stifles this natural creative flow from quite an early age and only relatively small number of individuals escape the indoctrination to conform, finding different ways to preserve this special god given gift of creativity.

The reason I have called this course, “the Sound of Form” is because I believe that the visible world around us, is a manifestation of a very rich and complex world of formal relationships that tell us a story. This story has a deep meaning and can be understood only if we learn to listen with our eyes. It may sound a bit contradictory in the beginning until you can experience it for yourself.