Oil painting


Oil painting is perhaps one of the most versatile of all the painting techniques.
The color pigments are mixed with oil medium . Traditionally linseed oil was chosen but there are many other mediums depending on the desired end result and drying time related to weather conditions. Same as in automobile maintenance in colder weather, the more viscous oils are used and in hotter climates more flowing and lighter oils.
Oil painting allow more freedom in manipulating the painting pigments and in many ways I prefer working with oil whenever  I wish to achieve a more detailed and more layered result that allows for better precision of the character.
Below are some examples of my oil painting on canvas and paper and the details of the prices as related to size and specific materials.
I use only the best quality materials of painting pigments, linen canvas traditionally prepared stretched on the best wooden stretchers of guaranteed, lasting quality.

In order to secure the painting in the shipment process I use a wooden box that protects the work from being damaged and make sure it arrives safely to its destination.  
Since a work of art done with the highest quality materials with the best of the traditional techniques can last for many generations, I believe it deserves the additional expanses that goes with it.





a traditional palestinian dress




For more then three decades it is my rare privilege to be aquatinted with
the full scope of Josef Ralt artistic endeavour at the center of which stands his exquisite art of portraiture.
His high artistic expertise , his rich experience in this field coupled with unique quality of execution, made Josef Ralt a sought after portrait painter.
His work is characterised by a psychological sensitivity and high degree of intuition
This allows him to recognise the characteristic uniqueness of the painted subjects face, to distill an authentic look, to bring out the persons inner world and catch the colour of his personality.
All this is done with a fresh expression full of colour sensitivity based on natural compositions that capture with grace the face of the sitter and thus create an immediate connection between the painted subject and the one who is looking .
Joseph Mark
Joseph MarkArtist, head of the Institute of Visual Art, Petach Tikva, Museum of Art